Applied TOGAF
Beyond Certification to Practical Application

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Organizations today have discovered the value and benefits of Enterprise Architecture and are now looking for ways to implement it in their organization. TOGAF is the only real option for an industry standard approach, and has seen a significant interest in adoption and certification. But all too often, after achieving a certification, the architect and organization is left wondering: ‘What next?’
One of the most challenging and important parts of TOGAF is tailoring it to your organization. Unfortunately, most TOGAF training is focused on preparing participants for the certification examination. In order to provide a certified TOGAF course, the material is highly regulated by The Open Group, ensuring a consistent level of knowledge and a command of the TOGAF vocabulary, but leaving little time for topics such as implementation examples to be covered in the class.

This course is focused on the practical aspects of how to apply TOGAF within your organization. It stresses two areas: Tailoring TOGAF, and creating an Architectural Vision. Anyone who is involved in implementing TOGAF will find the course invaluable. TOGAF certification is not required for the course, although participants who are certified will find that the course reinforces and builds on their knowledge. Note that this is not a certified TOGAF course and it is not intended for certification exam preparation. Rather, it illustrates the practical implementation of TOGAF through an extensive example.
The tutorial is structured as a mix of presentation, interactive discussion and group based exercises, so participants get the chance to apply the concepts learned to example scenarios during the facilitated exercises.

What you will learn

  • Understand principles and Best Practices for applying TOGAG
  • Get practical experience tailoring TOGAF and the ADM
  • Work through an example development of an Architecture Vision and Target Architecture
  • Understand an Agile approach to TOGAF and Governance
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes and distractions

Main Topics

  • TOGAF Review
  • Implementing the Preliminary Phase
  • Implementing the Architecture Vision Phase
  • Target Architecture
  • Iteration and subsequent cycles
  • Creating an Architecture Iteration Roadmap
  • Case Study