Cloud Thinking: Designing and Implementing Systems for the Cloud

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From Thursday May 25 2017 to Friday May 26 2017

Price: 1,300.00 Euro

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Residenza di Ripetta
Via di Ripetta 231
00186 Roma (RM)

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Cloud Thinking is a fast paced, two-day course that introduces architects and developers to the new way of thinking required to build great Cloud applications. We briefly introduce Cloud Computing, its benefits, challenges, and then focus on new technologies that make Cloud development different. The main objective is to teach design of applications for the Cloud as discrete, simple, well-formed units of work that scale well in the Cloud. We discuss just recently emerged Cloud specific design and architectural patterns. We explore the impact of Cloud on data stores and the use of NoSQL stores in Cloud applications. We conclude with an overview of Docker, a container technology commonly used in Cloud applications.

What you will learn

  • Architect scalable applications on Cloud
  • Select among design options for Cloud applications
  • Design applications that consist of modular, well-formed units that scale well on Cloud
  • Recognize and understand the value and challenges of Cloud Computing
  • Be able to recognize, understand and use Cloud architectures and patterns
  • Understand containers and Docker

Main Topics

  • A rapid intro to the Cloud
  • Cloud infrastructure impact
  • Patterns for Cloud software development
  • Essential Cloud security
  • Data in the Cloud
  • Docker and the Cloud