Scaling Mission Critical Applications

by Joe Ellsworth


In Today's IT environment more and more applications and systems are being moved towards the web. There is increasing business need to integrate these applications into extranets with trading partners. In other words more and more of these systems are becoming mission critical.
IT managers now have to seriously look at the scalability of these mission critical systems.
In this course we outline how auction techniques can be utilized to scale these mission critical applications.
This course covers what are some common auction techniques, how they can be utilized for scaling of mission critical applications & provides some case studies on the same.

What you will learn

  • Overview of auction techniques
  • Reverse Auction & regular auction techniques
  • Common design problems encountered by current generation mission critical applications
  • Current approaches to scaling an application
  • How to architect & design next generation mission critical applications
  • How to Use Auction Techniques to scale these mission critical applications

Main Topics

  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Scalability of Mission Critical Applications
  • Auction Techniques
  • Case Study 1 - Enterprise Storage Portal for efficient storage management in a corporate IT environment
  • How to Apply Auction Techniques to Scaling Mission Critical Applications
  • Case Study 2 - Online Streaming of Multimedia content
  • Next Generation Mission Critical Applications
  • Case Study 3 - Selected by seminar participants from a list of choices