Building High-Performance Web Applications

by Chris Loosley


The Web is fast becoming the universal gateway to Enterprise information systems, as applications old and new are given Web front-ends.
But creating these applications to perform well is not easy. Even two-tier client/server systems need careful design to avoid poor performance. Adding a third tier, deployed in the relatively slow and the uncontrolled environment of the Internet, adds another dimension of complexity.
The good news is that the principles of software performance engineering have not changed. Using many illustrative examples and case studies drawn from his experience as Senior Internet Consultant with Keynote Systems, Chris Loosley explains those principles, and how to apply them when developing web-based applications for the distributed Enterprise.
Some product references are included, but the focus of the seminar is on application design principles and techniques, not on specific application development or middleware products. Attendees will receive a copy of Chris's book, High-Performance Client/Server, plus detailed supplementary documentation describing the components of Web performance.

Main Topics

  • Performance in a Distributed Environment
  • Software performance engineering (SPE)
  • Coping with Demand: Sharing and Parallelism
  • Design: Applying the Tradeoff Principle
  • Internet Architecture and Performance
  • The World Wide Web and Performance
  • Web Content Caching and Distribution
  • E-commerce Application Performance
  • Middleware and Performance
  • Architecture for High Performance
  • Design for High Performance
  • Performance Management