Q/SA (Qualified Security Analyst) Penetration Testing Certification

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The Q/SA Qualified/ Security Analyst Penetration Tester class is Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing, with tactical security skills certification labs. Over 40 Penetration Testing, shredding Web apps, & privilege escalation labs. No where will you get a more intense hands-on class in Penetration Testing and security analysis!
You earn a Security University Q/SA Certification and (Optional) Q/PTL Penetration Tester License that validates your skills. The Q/SA class has been considered the best Penetration Testing skills certification that validates you to be a Qualified Security Analyst Penetration Tester. Daily you learn "how to test" & "how to report" network vulnerabilities and exploit bad code. Daily live labs  where you practice shredding applications & exploiting vulnerabilities.
The only way to get a Q/PTL Qualified Penetration License is to EARN one, not buy one. The Optional Q/PTL is 3 hours after Q/SA class ends each day (Tuesday – Thursday). You'll practice how to gain access to unauthorized information with current exploitation tools and processes from the Q/SA class. Not just learn the tactical Business skills necessary to perform valid vuln security testing regardless of the target. The Q/PTL workshop validates your Penetration Testing and Security Analysis tactical skills you learned in the Q/SA class. To achieve your Q/PTL Qualified/ Penetration Tester License you must perform a Penetration Test with a fully detailed management report to earn your Q/PTL License from Security University (due 7 days after class). Q/PTL participation fee is Euro 1200.
Compliance requirements aside, Penetration Testing is an absolutely critical aspect of any security program. Attackers test every company's defenses every day. An organization either knows what the bad guys are going to find, or it doesn't. If you don't, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Great pen-testers think like hackers. They use the same tools and techniques, only they tend to be much more comprehensive in their testing of attack scenarios.

What you will learn

  • Latest exploit goals and methodologies
  • Understanding the mind set needed to perform Penetration Testing
  • Advanced information-gathering techniques
  • Expert network discovery tools and techniques
  • Identifying & exploiting network weaknesses with Core Impact and more tools
  • Advanced enumeration of network devices, platforms and protocols
  • Cracking contemporary authentication and authorization
  • Advanced router, firewall and IDS Testing\Exploiting IPS
  • Vulnerability research and automated scanning in the Enterprise
  • Scanning for root kits, trojans, malware and viruses
  • Tools for web application testing - Watchfire and freeware tools
  • Exploiting complex protocols, such as SSH, SSL, and IPSEC
  • Using payload generators
  • Advanced wireless Testing tools and techniques
  • Penetration Testing of "Wetware"
  • Penetration Testing and the law

You'll learn how to gather viable data on your network's vulnerabilities using leading edge tools like Nessus, NeWT and NeVO vulnerability detection tools, MetaSploit, SaintScanner and Exploit, SOLARWINDS, NMAP, App Detective for Web attacks and the latest in exploit tools, CORE IMPACT from Core Security.

Main Topics

  • Gather the Data
  • Penetrate the Network
  • Analyze the Results
  • Write the Report